Training & Technical Assistance

Early ACCESS Service Coordination Training

This guide outlines the service coordination training requirements for the State of Iowa.

The online modules are one component to the SC training requirements. To access the SC Modules click here

Early ACCESS Eligibility, January 2017 (19:40)

This presentation reviews eligibility for Iowa's Individauls with Disabiliites Education Act or IDEA Part C system, known as Early ACCESS.  Here are the slides with notes.

Use and Documentation of Informed Clinical Opinion, January 2017 (20:56)

This presentation clarifies the meaning of informed clinical opinion in the context of Early ACCESS and provides information on why documenting the sources of information and the reasoning used to determine a child is eligible for Early ACCESS based on informed clinical opinion is necessary.  Lastly, the presentation demonstrates where providers will document the use of informed clinical opinion in the web IFSP.  An Informed Clinical Opinion in Early ACCESS guidance document has been created to accompany this presentation, the guidance document has also been attached to the Early ACCESS Procedures Manual.

Here are the slides with notes

Demonstration of documentation of informed clinical opinion in web IFSP, January 2017 (4:10)

This video contains only the demonstration of informed clinical opinion documentation in the web IFSP, this same demonstration can be found in the training video above.


Last Updated: Nov 20, 2017