What to Expect

After a professional or provider refers a child to Early ACCESS, a service coordinator contacts the parents to schedule a time to meet, review expectations for Early ACCESS, and complete any paperwork. A second meeting is scheduled to complete the developmental evaluation with the Early ACCESS team appropriate for the child's developmental needs. After the evaluation is completed, the team reviews the results, contacts the family, and determines appropriate next steps. The process is completed within 45 days from the initial referral. The service coordinator sends a letter with the outcome of the evaluation to the referring professional or provider after the results are shared with the family.

Professionals and providers who make a referral can check on the outcome of the referral as well as provide additional information to the service coordinator. To follow up on a referral, click the button below and complete the form. An Intake and Referral Specialist will connect you with the service coordinator for the child you referred.

Follow up on a referral


Last Updated: Nov 20, 2017