What to Expect

After requesting a developmental evaluation through Early ACCESS, a service coordinator is assigned to work with the child and family. The service coordinator makes sure the child is connected with appropriate services through Early ACCESS. The service coordinator contacts the family to set up a time to meet. At the first meeting, the service coordinator will get to know the child and family. They will explain Early ACCESS services and the developmental evaluation.

At the evaluation, the Early ACCESS team will visit with the family about any developmental concerns and questions. The team will ask the child to demonstrate skills and talk with the family about the child's developmental skills. If appropriate, a recommendation will be given for Early ACCESS or other developmental support for your child. If your child is eligible for Early ACCESS, and your family is interested in starting Early ACCESS services, the family and Early ACCESS team partner will write an IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) to decide the next steps.

What a parent has to say about Iowa's Early ACCESS Program (3:46)

Below is a video featuring an Iowa parent who discusses the features of early intervention that have been so helpful to her family.  To view the video, click on image below.

In the video above, Theresa (parent) shared a few things she liked about Early ACCESS.  One thing Theresa shared was  "I love that our therapist comes to our house and she doesn't just take Julia and go do her thing.  It is teamwork and it is so helpful becuase we find ways to incorporate the therapy with every day life."

What this parent is describing is a practioner who uses family guided routines based intervention while working with Theresa and her daughter.  Iowa is currently training providers on the use of family guided routines based interventions (FGRBI) in Early ACCESS.  Since the use of FGRBI is new to Iowa, a handout was recently created for families and other care providers so they can understand what early intervention looks like in Iowa.  As providers shift their practice to FGRBI, they may ask families for permission to record their visits.  Here is a handout to describe the purpose of recording.

If you would like to learn more about FGRBI, view the FGRBI overview module found by clicking this link: http://dmm.cci.fsu.edu/IADMM/FGRBIModuleoutput/Module.html


Last Updated: Feb 21, 2020