Supplementing Early ACCESS

Because the diversity of children is so great, children will be at different developmental levels when participating in Early ACCESS services. These services will vary in frequency and intensity, and your Service Coordinator will work with your family to design a plan for services. Part C is not intended to be a stand-alone program. The goal is to build partnerships with programs in health, education, human services and developmental disabilities.

To supplement Early ACCESS services, you can explore other community programs and services that provide support to your child and family.

Some services to consider include:

  • Private Speech Therapy Services
  • Private Occupational Therapy Services
  • Private Physical Therapy Services
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Parent Classes
  • Social Skills Classes
  • Play Groups
  • Libraries
  • Community Centers
  • Exercise Clubs
  • Park and Recreation Agencies
  • Agencies for Children and Adults with Disabilities
  • Religious Programs
  • Summer Programming
  • Reliable Websites
  • Family Support Services Agencies
  • Your Primary Care Physician
  • Specialists

If you would like to discuss other support services for your child and family, call Iowa Family Support Network for assistance.

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2016