Iowa AEYC Conference

05/03/2024 | Holiday Inn Des Moines Airport Conference Center

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May 3 – 4, 2024 | Holiday Inn Des Moines Airport/Conference Center

Join Iowa AEYC for the Spring Institute on May 3-4, 2024 at a NEW LOCATION! We are thrilled to be featuring Keynote speakers Friday and Saturday. (Join us either Friday, Saturday, or both days!)

Spring Institute

Friday, May 3
Dealing with Challenging Behaviors: Innovative Tier 1 Strategies for
Classroom Teachers.
 Iowa AEYC welcomes Dr. Adam Holland for a 5hr
session on approaching challenging behavior by developing an
understanding of children’s motivation. With stories and examples from
his own time in the classroom, Dr. Holland will illustrate practical ways to
set up a classroom in order to reduce or eliminate challenging behavior and
provide strategies for how to handle it when it does pop up. The session
will include time for discussion and application as well as opportunities for
question and answer.

Saturday, May 4
A welcome from Dr. Amy Shriver about A Salve for Savagery: Coping with
Moral Injury

In the pursuit of shaping young minds, early childhood educators may sacrifice
their own well-being. The price of professional passion in the face of systemic
challenges can lead to burnout: a pervasive sense of exhaustion, helplessness, and
reduced efficacy. Furthermore, moral injury–when our deeply held beliefs or
actions are compromised–has the power to extinguish the burning flame that
guides our work with young children. When our core values clash with the
realities we face, it can dim the light that illuminates our path in early education.
This lecture explores the origins of burnout and moral injury specific to early
childhood education and presents mechanisms for prevention, management, and
healing. by fostering a culture of self-care, empathy, and community support, we
can create resilience amidst adversity.