What Is Nine2Thrive?

EveryStep’s Nine2Thrive program helps support the healthy development of your baby during pregnancy by identifying risks and providing a support system.

1. Through screenings, your prenatal healthcare provider may refer you to Nine2Thrive for free, confidential connection to support.
2. A support specialist from the Nine2Thrive program will receive the referral and contact you.
3. Nine2Thrive will link you to appropriate community and healthcare resources.
4. Your Nine2Thrive Support Specialist will follow up with your healthcare provider.

How to Request Services

Nine2Thrive currently serves pregnant people who receive prenatal services in Polk County and South Central Iowa Medical Clinic in Corydon, Iowa.

You may request services for yourself!


Call our Nine2Thrive Hotline: 515.333.4533

Email Us: Nine2Thrive@everystep.org

Click “Request Services” on this page.

Count the Kicks

Are you in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy (around 28 weeks, or 26 weeks if considered high risk)?

If so, it is time to start counting your baby’s movements!

Counting movements every day is another way you can make sure your baby is doing OK and helps you learn your baby’s movement pattern.

Count the Kicks offers a free mobile app to easily track movements and remind you when to count again!





Pregnancy Information & Resources

Pregnancy Information – Coming Soon!

Pregnancy Resources – For local home visitation services near you, visit our State Resource Directory.