Children are the Reason; Families are the Focus.

Early ACCESS supports caregivers of eligible infants and toddlers to help their child learn and grow throughout the family’s everyday activities at no cost to the family. Young children learn best from familiar people and settings. Early ACCESS service providers work with you in your home or other places you and your child spend time.

Providing Family Support and Education

Family Support programs, also known as home visiting programs, share information and advocate for families.  Family support programs often provide skills related to parenting, child development, developing problem-solving techniques and strengthening family relationships.  These programs take place within the family’s own home for comfort and ease.  Eligibility varies by program.

Assisting Families Raising a Child with a Disability

The Children at Home program assists families raising a child with a disability by assisting them obtain identified services and supports that will aid their child in remaining in the home, as well as integrating into their school and communities.

Financial assistance is intended to enable families to obtain services and supports that are not met by other programs.

Supporting the Healthy Development of Babies

EveryStep’s Nine2Thrive program helps support the healthy development of your baby during pregnancy.

Nine2Thrive aims to identify risks and provide a support system with links to medical providers and community-based services to help provide support, reduce stress and provide a greater chance for a healthy baby. Common stressors include concerns about housing, food, transportation, employment, child care and emotional wellness.


Family Resources


Iowa’s early intervention system for infants and toddlers under three years old not developing as expected.

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Family Support

Family support programs promote resiliency and ensure children are safe, healthy and ready to succeed in school.

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Children at Home

CaH is designed to assist you and your family in securing the services and supports you identify as necessary in helping your child remain in the home.

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Nine2Thrive helps support the healthy development of your baby during pregnancy.

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Hearing Services

Early identification and treatment of hearing loss will provide your child the best opportunity for their growth and development.

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Child Development

Children are constantly learning, changing and growing; the early years of a child's life are vital for healthy development.

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